Preparing for your Headshot Photoshoot | Melbourne Headshot Photographer

Headshots can be a big deal. They are the first thing a client will see when you’re auditioning for projects and can impact how you are perceived in the industry. But updating your headshots shouldn't be stressful, so I have created a little list of a few things to consider when booking a photographer and preparing for your shoot.

Finding the Perfect Photographer -

There are so many headshot photographers, but finding the right fit for you is important. Start by browsing online and looking through portfolios. You want to find someone who is reputable and has a portfolio to match. Start by sending out an email to any photographer that you’re wanting to work with and enquire about pricing and what their packages offer. Find someone who aligns with your vision and will be able to produce images that can be used by your agent (if you have one) and will look professional when applying for auditions. You also want to find someone who can capture your true self and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed when shooting.

What to Wear -

I get this question a lot and it is probably the number 1 thing most people will worry about before a shoot. My number one rule is keep it simple! You want to be the main focus of the images, so plain and simple is always great. I always recommend bringing along a white t-shirt or simple white shirt. Black, white, grey and neutral colours are always great. Denim also shows up really well on camera without being overpowering. Once you have some simple looks, feel free to bring along any edgier or unique pieces for a few more personal shots.


Communicating with your photographer -

Another important step is communicating with your photographer. You want to tell them what you are looking for and make sure that you are on the same page. If you can, send through some inspiration images of photos that you like. This could be posing, lighting or hair and makeup inspiration and will help your photographer get a good idea of what you are after. If you have a backdrop colour choice or any other preferences, letting your photographer know beforehand will help save time on the shoot day.

Hair and Makeup -

If you are wanting to have your hair and makeup professionally done, most headshot photographers will have this as an optional ad on. If they don’t, enquire if they have any recommendations. Once you have booked in your makeup artist (whether via the photographer or on your own) arrive to the shoot barefaced. If you have any inspiration bring it along to the shoot to ensure that you and the makeup artist are on the same page. I would recommend a natural look, enhancing your features in a subtle way. You want to look like yourself as clients are going to want to know what you look like.